Love Dating Spain

Browsing the profiles of potential partners of an online dating agency the image of an appealing aficionado catches the eye. If not trembling with lust you are interested enough to check the other party’s description of themselves don’t be surprised if your expectations are dashed when you keep your date.

Just as there are enterprising agents happy to create a job application or CV for an agreed fee ghost-writers are increasingly used to identify one’s unique selling points (USP) when looking for a partner. The 21st Century boy meets girl equivalent to old time dance venues, dating agencies are now responsible for 20 per cent of successful partnerships;

Many a Romeo and Juliet, whatever their merits, are not good at setting their stall out attractively when seeking a partner. This is where the ghost-writer comes in. They undertake to re-write an online description of their client to make him or her more appealing to potential suitors.


Described as internet Cupids they are adept at identifying and focusing on a person’s virtues: Their target market is a generation inexperienced in using the keyboard imaginatively. Using their marketing and copywriting skills internet Cupids paint pictures with words so that the suitor comes across as bubbly, flirtatious, appealing, intelligent and charming.

It is a particular useful service for those interested in attracting a partner from a chosen social set or lifestyle. The ghost-writer can place spin on a person’s profile designed to attract the interest of others sharing desired life pursuits such as travelling, music, education or sports.

It is also a good ploy for those seeing cross cultural relationships but whose knowledge of the preferred language is not as convincing as they would wish it to be. Those who have tried the stratagem are delighted at the increased interest.


Mark Brooks, editor of Online Personals Watch says they have noticed a definite trend with more and more profile-writing companies’ springing up to meet the high demand. Evan Mark Katz, a dating agency coach says: “There are a surprising number of people who don’t know how to market themselves in an original way.”

He adds that applicants are not losers but are typically successful, professional and well-connected. Their only shortcoming is their inability to present themselves as attractively as they deserve to be packaged.

Many ghost-writers are able to offer their services in other languages. This is useful for non-Spanish residents looking to integrate themselves into the Spanish way of life by finding a Spanish partner. Virtual dating assistants collect as much information as possible from their client and re-write it for added value.

With fees ranging from €150 for a re-cycled profile it isn’t cheap but it can be used over and over. If it results in pulling the dream date and lifestyle that goes with it many would consider it a good investment.

Image credits: pedrosimoes7.