The Spanish Government is bent on reducing public spending by any means possible. After the recent labor reforms, the government has planned to save an additional 250 million Euros by laying off administration vacancies by 5%.

Today, the Cabinet approved a bill that was motioned to cut down the number of vacancies in different agencies and departments, over the next 3 years or more. The State of General Administration will be going through different phases that will result in the shortage of vacancies by 5% to 8%.

The new measurements are not going to affect the security agencies or the armed forces. Deputy Prime Minister – Maria Teresa Fernandez De La Vega said that the procedure will be mainly constituent upon retiring old officials or by shortening the levels of vacancies.

The measurements will be affecting different aspects of the State Administration, such as Managerial bodies, common services departments, agencies and public organizations. De La Vega only emphasized on the exemption of State Security Corps and Armed Forces of the country.