Rebajas at El Corte InglesMiguel Angel Fraile – Secretary General of the “Confederation of Commerce of Catalonia”, has been beaming happily over the number of shoppers who are up for summer sales.

Out of numerous reasons, one reason for an increased amount of customers is the recent ban on improper beach attire. As a result, the shops witnessed customers who preferred shopping, over long and boring beach strolls.

The last time when the summer sales season began in Catalunya, there were very few people who seemed genuinely interested in buying anything.

However, this year, summer has breezed in a large amount of people to different hot spots in Catalunya. According to a report from “Agence Nationale de Gestion des Déchets” (ANGED), the initial 4 days of summer sales ended up with an “over the counter” profit. Let alone, the balance of the first 4 days of sales has exceeded all previous records from last year.

Fraile ensured the degree of happiness that the businesses are experiencing these days. He also said that we sold the same number of products last year but due to high costs and low discount rates, we didn’t pool in enough buyers.

This year has offered almost 70% discount on different summer sales products and even ANGED acknowledged the amount of discount that is being offered to customers.

Fraile informed that in some cases, there has been a decline in the amount of money that is being raked in. It is not because of fewer buyers, it’s only because of the huge amount of discount which is being offered this year.

Image credits: rgarcia.