‘…Madrid is unlikely to be budged, at least not until regional elections are held on December 21, which it hopes will deliver an anti-independence majority. It’s a tall order, especially given the lack of public support for the Rajoy government in Catalonia. In a recent poll by Pew Research, 91% of the Catalans surveyed said they do not trust the government in Madrid. If the gamble doesn’t pay off and in December pro-independence parties are handed another majority, direct rule will be reinstated, Spanish government representatives have warned. In other words, the beatings will continue until morale improves. And if morale doesn’t improve, well, the beatings will continue…’. Wolf Street opinion here.

Mariano Rajoy says that ‘the government has played its part’ by forcing regional elections for Catalonia. Speaking on Cope Radio, Rajoy was asked what would happen if the independence parties won again? He answered “We are going to work so that the pro-independence formations don’t win. I hope there will be massive participation. I ask that everyone votes. But whoever wins will have to comply with the law,” he says…’. The story from El Huff Post here.

Of course, one can’t trust the hackers not to swing the Catalonia election results, says Ciudadanos. El Mundo reports here.

From The Guardian: the Catalonian election of December 21st. Everything you need to know here.

From El Confidencial: 23% of Spaniards admit to avoiding consuming products made in Catalonia. In the event of independence, 49% of Spaniards (i.e. from the rest of Spain) say they would boycott Catalonian goods.

The Guy Hedgecoe Blog answers the question posed by El País last week regarding the condescending Anglo-Saxon viewpoint of Spain in an article here (thanks to Colin).