The leader of the Russian-Georgian mafia was arrested Sunday in Marbella. Zakhar Kniazevich Kalashov will be extradited to Georgia where he has a pending prison sentence.

Kalashov was arrested at 13:45 in Marbella by agents of the Organized Crime and Drugs Unit (UDYCO). Kalashov was sentenced to seven and a half years prison this past Tuesday by the National Court. The court also ordered Zakhar Kniazevich Kalashov to pay a fine of 20 million euros.

Crime Marbella, Costa del Sol


The prosecutor accussed the “capo” of leading a criminal organization which dedicated itself to laundering “important quantities of money” obtained through drugs, weapons, contract killings, extortion, smuggling and the control of the major casinos in Russia.

Kalashov was arrested in Dubai in 2006 and he remained in prison in Spain until March 2, when he was freed on bail of 300,000 euros.

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