MYMobileSecurity, a Barcelona startup is launching K-Chiing, a new mobile app that promises to save and protect users from expensive data and roaming costs.

The mobile app is a VPN (virtual private network) for Android and iPhone that keeps users secure when using Wi-Fi networks.

Virtual Private Networks have been around for decades encrypting data traffic between point A and point B, normally between a user and his company. This provides the staff safe access to critical information within a company, using the Internet as a medium.

Consumer VPN make the vulnerable Wi-Fi connections safe by providing a point B to the users, which then completes the encryption to make sure that their connection to the Internet remains safe.

The newly launched app also saves users data by compressing traffic when on 3G/4G/6G, ultimately saving users on their monthly bill.

A lot of data traffic is compressed today, such as videos and other streams, but the technology can also be used to compress web traffic and pictures. However, the benefits of this depend on that the compression is performed before the data is sent to the user’s device.

Kevin Freij, CEO of MYMobileSecurity says “Data has become the most important thing for smartphone users” adding that the app aims to “make it cheaper accessing the web for information and social activities – while also making it safer.”