Marbella’s government fears that the underground works for the A-7 road through San Pedro de Alcántara may grind to a halt as the central government makes economic cutbacks to combat the huge public deficit.

While Marbella’s mayoress, Angeles Muñoz assured reporters that she would not accept the Ministry of Public Works to not complete the work and the Secretary General of the PSOE party in Malaga, Miguel Angel Hereida confirmed that works are over 80 per cent complete and thus close to completion, the Ministry of Public Works remains silent and has not committed to any statements regarding the tunnel works.

Photos from the A-7 underground tunnel road works

San Pedro - Marbella A7 road works

San Pedro - Marbella A7 tunnel road works

The building work has cost 49 million euros and is set to cost a total of 65 million euros once complete.