Jobs Spain

Spain’s unemployment figures fell for the second straight month in May according to official figures released Wednesday.

Registered unemployed in Spain was at 4.06 million in Spain at the end of May, 76,223 less than in April, when the unemployment figure fell by 24,188 said the Ministry of Labour.

“There is no doubt that this is positive news, especially bearing in mind the situation that the economy is currently traversing,” said Spain’s General Secretary for Employment, Maravillas Rojo.

May is generally a positive month for employment in Spain, considering the tourist season starts to get going.

The Spanish government has plans to overhaul the labour-market laws by the end of June in an attempt to bring down the number of unemployed. Proposals include cutting severance pay to 33 days per year worked, down from the current 45 years, for people on permanent contracts.

Other changes include boosting permanent contracts, in a country where 25 per cent of workers are on temporary contracts.

Should no agreement be reach, the government plans to impose the new reform by decree, something which could lead to general strike, says UGT trade union confederation leader Candido Mendez.

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