Spain Chewing Gum Bubble

How do we solve the problem of sticky chewing? This is one of the most pressing issues Spain’s economy faces and one which Spanish PM Rodriguez Zapatero and colleagues decided to put on today’s political agenda.

While North Korea and South Korea are on the brink of war, Ireland is busy getting CPR and Portugal is trembling on weak knees over a possible collapse and Spain’s stock market crashes (7% decline this week), the Spanish politicians know nothing better than to focus on the “issues” of sticky chewing gum.

Friday’s political agenda was focused on the chewing gum and how new legislation could make it less “sticky” and thus facilitating clean-up operations across the country.

Thanks to vanguard political visions, new legislation agreed upon Friday will allow Spanish chewing gum to be fabricated with a new synthetic polymer – thus making it easier to be cleaned off the streets.

Spanish newspaper, El Mundo reported that “according to the government, this renewal was necessary, given that the previous legislation governing the production of chewing was out-dated (the previous one was voted into law 32 years ago) adding that “herewith, the disadvantage of Spain’s chewing gum industry with respect to that of other member states of the European Union has been eliminated.

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