Mr. Francisco Javier Velázquez – Director General of the Police and Guardia Civil, stood up for the police actions that were taken during the arrest of the PP Leader of Alicante – Jose Joaquin Ripoll.

The Chief of police said that those actions were necessary and they were needed to apply the law against the corrupt leader. Eleven men were arrested on Tuesday and they have been charged with bribery and several other corruption charges.

The man, who is at the center of all this upheaval, is the PP President of Alicante – Jose Joaquin Ripoll and he is also charged for using privileged information to his own personal benefits. On Tuesday, Judge Carlos Sanmartin heard the statements from Ripoll’s lawyer and granted a release without bail to the Alicante “leader”.

The crackdown against those corrupt politicians was initiated as part of the “Brugal” case that includes extortion, blackmailing and bribery regarding the contracts for the rubbish collection tender in Vega Baja.

A local businessman – Rafael Gergoni was also pulled in this case. He was the Ex President of the Hercules Football Club and was granted a 100,000 Euro bail. Gergoni was charged in May, under the accusations of fraud, document forgery in relation to the Autisa Company and inappropriate enrichment.

The club’s main shareholder – Enrique Ortiz was also arrested and released later on without bail, under the counts of bribery and fraud.