San Fermin Runing With the Bulls

Call it an act of maddening courage or just senseless craze, but the famous Bull Run at the San Fermin Fiesta is still as popular as ever.

Each year, thousands of people take part in the dash to stay ahead of a herd of running bulls and the six bell tinkling steers, tasked to keep the animals together along the 850 meter long course. The run usually lasts for 4 to 5 minutes, but it leaves behind devastating effects and more often than not death.

This year, the beasts stomped a runner in the chest and hurled him to the cobblestone ground, like a small toy. The young runner was lying motionless on the ground while the beasts made their way through the crowd.

Another runner was critically injured after being gored in the thorax, while a third runner had his left leg literally torn open. However, the injured participants are in a better condition now. One would hope they learn their lesson but without a doubt the same story repeats year after year.

Most of the injured fellows were taken to the Navarra regional hospital, where the doctors are tending to their wounds. The end results of Wednesday’s Bull Run left behind an injured man with serious damage to his vertebral column.

San Fermin Bull Runnig Video

Come what may, the danger and the immense degree of risk isn’t enough to hold back those runners. People from all parts of the world come to witness and join these Bull Runs. The 8 A.M daily runs are the highlight of the drinking festival and they’re broadcasted on live national television.

Image credits: xavitalleda.