European UnionSpanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has said that Spain has played an active role in the European Union at a crucial time and described the country’s performance to be ‘satisfactory’.

Spain’s role as EU president is drawing to an end after it started six months ago and Prime Minister Zapatero said that thinking of Spain’s economy to be a protectorate of countries like Germany and France, as per the claims of ERC Catalan Republicans and the Popular Party, was ridiculous.

The Prime Minister was replying to a comment made by Partido Popular’s Mariano Rajoy that Spain’s role as the EU President had been ‘disappointing and mediocre’. He had also gone on to say that the level of the presidency had been poor and had not even been noticed by most of the citizens.

Zapatero said that a period of six months was not enough for personalized leaderships to hog the limelight, and reprimanded Rajoy by questioning his sense of commitment and responsibility. He further said that Rajoy knew nothing and was only interested in harming the government.

Zapatero said that Spain is good at taking responsibilities and fulfilling obligations, adding that the country was ‘strong and serious’ to defend its economic achievements.