BurkaPressure on the Prime Minister of Spanish Government – Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is building up due to the recent approval on a motion that is targeted towards banning the use of burqas in public places.

The most recent votes stood at a close proximity of 131 to 129, whereas; 129 was obviously the number of supporters in favor of legalizing the Burqa. The motion against Islamic clothing also goes directly against the use of Niqab; a full length head folding that only leaves the eyes uncovered.

Maria Dolores de Cospedal – The Deputy Leader of Popular Party; spoke to a number of reporters and expressed her opinions by saying that the votes are necessary to offer “freedom” and “equality” to women, all over Spain.

Political point-scoring

However, the Spanish Socialist Worker Party, led by Mr. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero suggested an alternative solution that pointed towards the safety of the privacy and dignity of Muslim women, throughout the country. In addition, the Spanish Socialists accused the Popular Party of using the religious issue as a means of gaining an unfair political leverage.

Since 1990 and onwards, the number of Muslim immigrants in Spain has been rapidly increasing. Currently, Spain is inhabited by 47 million residents, out of which, 1 million are Muslims.

Debates over banning the full body veil are also going on in France and Belgium.