The third edition of the Marina Salinas Boat Show was held from June 3 through Sunday, June 6th allowing a few more thousand people to enjoy the beautiful sports harbour in the heart of Torrevieja which is very much one of the city’s lost treasures in plane sight. More than forty different yachts and boats were available for boarding and seeing how, in some cases, what your lottery money could buy for you.

Like the housing market, it’s very much a buyers’ market at the moment and the boat show is more of an opportunity to give the public a taste of the Harbour area and to see for themselves the sizes, styles and prices of yachts and boats that are locally available.

There are three restaurant/cafés and the Lounge Terrance that overlook the marina offering comfortable lounge seating, good music and attractive menus, with some of them not closing until almost 4.00 am on Friday and Saturday nights as visitors took advange of the warm weather, entertainment and good and drink to enjoy the harbour area to its fullest. There are still lots of boats available for sale, berths for rent at excellent prices and all types of marine supplies, equipment and services available.

The Marina Salina is located behind the fair ground zone, beside the Pascual Flores, Delfin S-61 Submarine and maritime museum and runs parallel to the walkway that protects the harbour zone from the Mediterranean. The maritime museum is now open summer hours and within easy walking distance from Marina Salinas, allowing you to enjoy exercise, culture, history and a refreshing drink or meal, all within easy walking distance from each other.