Spanish newspapers El Pais, El Mundo and the online media outlet “El Semanal Digital” have been accused of publishing a photo from Gaza in articles covering the conflict in Sahara.

The photo shows two Palestinian children with bloody hands wrapped in gauze while one of them can be seen screaming in pain.

El Pais Gaza Photo - Sahara ConflictThe image was used in articles covering the conflict in Western Sahara and attributed to children being treated for wounds sustained during a raid by Moroccan police on camps in the Western Sahara.

El Pais published an apology Friday titled “A 2006 Gaza photo published as one from the Sahara”. The article stated that El Pais “takes full responsibility for not verifying the authenticity of the picture before publishing it.

“Publishing the photo as part of the Western Sahara conflict is a mistake made by the paper. That is why the paper published an apology immediately after realizing this” said El Pais spokeswoman Rocio Rodriguez.