Intelligent Video Surveillance for Torrevieja

The Vyriato (Intelligent Video and Radar Assertive Torrevieja) scheme is one which shall involved the setting up of intelligent surveillance equipment and remote control of traffic signals throughout the city of Torrevieja. It’s a bold initiative by local government with the aim of making the city a safer and more secure place to live in. The general idea is to permit video surveillance of all Public spaces and buildings throughout the city, to be able to control traffic lights at specific locations and watch for suspicious activity in and around the city centre.

Drivers are already wary of the number of new speed cameras being positioned around the country and although Torrevieja shall be deploying radar cameras, apparently these are not cameras for ticketing or revenue generation, but to monitor driving habits. The surveillance efforts will help to reorganise the infrastructure throughout the city and along with the ability to control Traffic Lights, should allow traffic to flow around the city in a less frustration fashion as is offered at present. With the implementation of these projects, Torrevieja will become the forefront in Spain in terms of traffic and road safety.

Eight of the ten contracts for the installation of the monitoring systems have already been granted with the two remaining projects to be awarded in September. Torrevieja’s Mayor Pedro Hernandez Mateo announced that this new project should be fully operational by 31 December 2010, The plan will place Torrevieja as the number one Spanish City, in terms of traffic and road safety, turning the city into one of the best protected cities in all of Spain.

The message from the Town Council is clear; misbehave at your own risk in Torrevieja! The police will have the ability to control the various surveillance systems and to read the number plate of all traffic that enters and exits the city. The cameras will also allow surveillance of the municipality, the monitoring and control of forest fires and spaces, traffic light remote control to aid the flow of traffic and surveillance of public areas, to deter thieves, graffiti artists and criminal activities.