SunriseThe heatwave currently sweeping Spain has resulted in the death of two individuals as temperatures soar in up to 24 provinces to over 40º Celsius.

The deadly temperatures coming directly from the Sahara Desert in Africa, since Monday have taken the lives of a 55-year old woman in Sevilla and a Portuguese 24-year old in Badajoz according to the Spanish government.

Six people died last year as a result of scorching temperatures. As the summer temperatures rise above normal in Spain this year again, health officials are recommending everyone to drink enough liquids and wear light clothes as well as to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, especially during midday.

With tourism down already due to the economic crisis, Spanish hotels and vacation resorts are dreading the effect the news of this heatwave may have on tourists who are still deciding on their summer holidays. With pleasant temperatures in Germany and the UK (Spain’s biggest tourist sources), the heatwave isn’t providing an incentive to travellers to come to the Spanish mainland.

Image credits: jurvetson.