Celestino CorbachoAccording to Spain’s Labor Minister – Corbacho, a strong foundation is supposed to be laid for the labor market; otherwise, it’s just like expecting for something miraculous to happen. The minster didn’t point fingers towards anyone for the failure of negotiations (if any) on the Labor reform issues and said that it is not possible to reach any agreements with unions and entrepreneurs due to a flux of complex situations.

Corbacho also emphasized on the level of “support”, the Spanish government has been doting on those labor community members. Despite of the government’s effort to reach an agreement, it wasn’t possible for things to work out.  “Some things in life are just impossible, while others are not” – he said.

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He also said that we’re trying to get rid of the temporary employment contracts, in order to establish a long term/solid employment rate throughout the country. Corbacho thinks that if there are going to be new labor reforms, they won’t be bringing any new changes to the existing system.

The issue at hand that needs attention, is the economic crisis and even though Spain and the EU has some “great” plans for the next 10 years, labor parties need something more than a set of reassurance speeches and lessons on moral values.