Francisco FrancoAccording to new research, by the end of World War II, General Francisco Franco had a list of over 6,000 Spanish Jews who were supposed to be drawn up and handed to Nazi Germany. The destruction of all relevant documents related to a census of Jews in Spain was initially carried out in 1941, as per a special request made to General Franco, by Adolf Hitler.

However, one letter was recovered in the archives of Zaragoza city by a Jewish Journalist – Jacobo Israel Garzon. This letter clearly ordered a list of national and foreign Israelis who were living in Spain during 1941. According to the letter, a complete description of the Jews was requested, regarding their political and social affiliation, their lifestyle and the level of dangerousness that was expected of them.

The letter shows evidence that is contrary to the popular opinion that back in 1941; the Spanish dictator was in the favor of protecting the Jews. Instead, it was shown that he was all set to send Jews resident in Spain, to Nazi Germany for extermination purposes.

Franco’s signature of approval on the letter for the extermination of Jews was co-signed by the head of the security – José Finat Escriva de Romaní, who was also the Count of Myalde at that time. The Count used to entertain Himmler through bull fights in Madrid. Himmler was responsible for the German concentration camps and he used to stress that even Jews who had converted to Catholicism, should be listed down in the consensus report just because they had not changed their race.

Lucky for the Jews in Spain, they were able to survive, not because of the fact that Franco refused to join hands with Germany against the Allies, but because of the sole reason that in 1938, Franco gave the status of “diplomats” to all members of the German political police. This way, they could carry out whatever activities they desired in Spain.