Plaza España SevillaAfter almost ten years of drought in the moat surrounding Plaza España in Seville, the local council have finally given in to public demand. The boats are coming back.

Plaza España was built in 1928 as part of the Ibero-American exhibition and has since been one of Seville’s most famous tourist attractions. Plaza España, designed by Aníbal Gonzalez, is situated just next to Maria Luisa Park and also appears in Lawrence of Arabia, and Star Wars II, Attack of the Clones.

Up until ten years ago families used to be able to enjoy boat trips around the moat on gondolas like those in Venice. The local council have been neglecting the state of the water and general up keep of the moat (there isn’t any water), but now they want to reconstruct the area and recreate one of Seville’s traditions.

“I used to go down with my grandfather on a Sunday and we’d feed the ducks and take a boat trip. It will be great if I can do that with my children,” said a local Sevillana.

The moat is 14 metres wide and 500 metres long, with an arch of 320 metres over the top. The depth is only 1.2metres. Once the moat has been reconstructed you will be able to buy tickets from a kiosk in Avenida de Isabel la Católica, and will be able to ride on the boats from 10am to 8pm in winter and 10am to 10pm in the summer.

The general consensus from Sevillianos is that it’s about time the local council restored some of their memories and provided extra facilities for everyone, including tourists. It can only have a positive impact on Andalucía’s capital.