Obama Billboard Marbella
August 3rd 2010 - Obama Billboard Disappeared

The huge billboard that gave a welcome to the Obama family was removed Monday evening. The billboard which was installed by two companies was removed at the request of the Marbella town hall.

The huge billboard which read “Welcome Obama Family” and in smaller text “Thanks for choosing Marbella” was contracted by the publicity agencies Imagen Consulting and Compremosa Sur. According to the two companies, the billboard was removed at the request of the town hall. A company spokespersons told ABC that they were “obliged” to remove the billboard.

Marbella Welcomes Obama Family
July 29th 2010 - Obama Billboard

The visit of Michelle Obama and her youngest daughter Sasha, has been subjected to a huge media frenzy, with the the Daily Mail publishing an article entitled: “First Lady descends on former gangster’s paradise” and local politicians taking the opportunities to criticize and get criticized.

If that wasn’t enough, the Obama visit has also led to a variety of clashes amongst the locals, some who like to focus on the “Marbella” aspect of the Obama visit, while others desperately try to point out how the luxury Hotel Villa Padierna is actually part of Estepona or Benahavis.

Various commentaries in the local press have compared the visit of Michelle Obama as an opportunity for local politicians to “fatten” their CVs more than with a “phD in sociology from Harvard”

Michelle Obama and her daughter will allegedly spend a private, mother-daughter trip with longtime family friends at the Hotel Villa Padierna, a five-star luxury resort ranked among the top 30 best hotels in the world by Expedia.