Barack and Michelle Obama

The US first lady, Michelle Obama, is planning on visiting Marbella with her daughters Malia and Shasa in the first week of August. The planned trip will be from the 4th to the 8th of August. According to Spanish government sources, the US President Barack Obama will also be in Spain on the 4th, the day he celebrates his 49th birthday.

Luxury Hotel Vila Padierna

The Obamas will be staying at the luxury resort hotel Villa Padierna, part of the Ritz-Carlton chain.

Rumours or Not

The appearance yesterday in several Spanish digital media news that the Obama family was scheduled to spend a few days in Marbella and visit Marivent Palace on Mallorca to meet with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia made sources of the White House announce last night that the President will not travel to the Andalusian city of Marbella.

Despite the news not being confirmed, sources told El Mundo that if it were to happen it would be a ‘clear demonstration of the excellent relations currently between Spain and the United States’.

Photo credits: nostri-imago.