FoetusThe approval of the abortion law in Spain was reciprocated through a wave of shock, awe and relief, by the masses on Monday. Despite the legality of the abortion law, the regions of Murcia and Navarra have refused to accept it and their respective officials challenged the Constitutional Court for reconsideration.

As per the terms and conditions of the new abortion law, any woman (aged 16 to 17), has the right to proceed with the abortion procedure without having to explain the “reason” behind her decision(s). Once she has made up her mind, she can inform the concerned authorities and an envelope, with necessary information regarding the techniques of the operation, will be delivered to her.

After a gap of 3 days, the said woman can proceed with the abortion surgery, if her pregnancy is not past the initial 14 week time period. By default, a woman can only abort in the presence of her parents or respective guardian, but in case of proven family conflicts, she can opt for the procedure alone.

The current changes to the abortion law came after a time period of 25 years, since the first time when the initial legislation came into existence. Meanwhile, the opposition from Partido Popular and Regional Government in Navarra is steadfast on demanding a revision of the abortion legislation in the Constitutional Court.

However, Bibiana Aido – Minister for Equality has shown immense support for the law, by saying that it will help in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. All the more, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Justice Franciso Caamano have also commented in full support of the abortion law and declared it fully constitutional.

Image credits: hamed.