With an eye on expanding towards the international horizons, the Brandery extended a warm welcome to the new customers. A slew of 215 exhibitors were at the third edition of The Brandery, while 99 were Spanish and the rest of them were Catalan. Also, there was a small portion of French and Italian exhibitors.

The Brandery - (C) Fira Barcelona

The collectibles at The Brandery had skirts, tops, dresses and jackets. Plus, there was an additional stock of summer linen – a fabric used in the preparation of conventional apparels. Pere Camprubi – Director of The Brandery said that the show was an element of promoting a sense of uniqueness and feeling among international customers that they ONLY have the opportunity of seeing our collection in Barcelona.

The exhibitors at The Brandery show decorated their stands with old furniture store, mundane models of Volkswagen vans and Vespa Scooters. The decoration objects were all painted in bright colors to bring up the vibrant color schemes of the clothing selection.

Camprubi is also Director of the expansion area of Fira de Barcelona and after analyzing the current trends, he said that despite the economic crisis, the fashion consumption has not fallen to a great degree.