Town planning procedures in Spain are being taken care of, with more precision and sensitivity. Juan Carlos Rubio – the Environmental Prosecutor mentioned in his 2009 review, a new era of town construction and collaboration with prosecutors.

Last year’s records reveal that 59 sentences were handed down by the Malaga Courts for the town planning crimes. 42 crimes stood out under the category of illegal construction and there was only one acquittal in the 17 sentences for perversion of the entire course of justice.

Axarquia - Malaga

As of now, the most active municipalities are Velez Malaga and Malaga City and Rubio described their collaboration as intense. Almost 60 and 53 denuncias were respectively placed. Whereas, 39 were placed by the Town Halls in different areas of the province, led by Alhaurín de la Torre with 12.

Juan Calvo Rubio stands tall by his perceptions and says that he feels no political pressure from those people or parties, who want to construct buildings illegally on rustic land. Everyone will be treated in the penal courts and especially the Axarquía area, where there are approximately 10,000 homes that fit the construction violations.

The prosecutor felt the support by the reform which is under planning phases, to the Penal Code and the charge of perversion of the court of justice.

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