The volcanic ash from Iceland’s erupting volcano has forced 20 Spanish airports to close Saturday.

The Eyjafjall Icelandic volcano produced ash clouds that forced airports in Spain and Portugal to cancel 673 flights, affecting tens of thousands of travelers, as reported by AENA. In Barcelona alone 226 flights got cancelled stranding 28,000 passengers.

Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland April 17

A statement on AENA’s website confirmed: “The airports of Barcelona, Girona, Sabadell will reopen to traffic from 22.00. The evolution of the ash cloud will lift the restrictions, starting at 02.00 hours on Sunday, at the airports of San Sebastian, Asturias, Santander, Bilbao, Vitoria, Leon, Burgos, Huesca, Pamplona and La Rioja. Remain closed Santiago, A Coruña and Vigo until at least 1100 hours on Sunday.”

AENA decided to close the airfield on the advice of Eurocontrol regarding the volcanic ash. Airports in Portugal were also affected, where 104 flights were canceled, the South of France (especially at the airport of Marseille) and even the British Isles. Some airports in the UK and Ireland could suffer further deterioration “tomorrow or later this week” according to today’s warning from the British Meteorological Office (Met Office).

The Volcano in Iceland which erupted last month, set a huge cloud of ash to the air causing the worst aerial collapse since World War II, leaving over 100,000 flights grounded around dozens of airports in Europe. Damages were set at over a billion Euros according to airlines and other affected enterprises.

AENA warns travellers

Spain’s airport authority warns all travellers to call before heading to the airport since more volcanic activity may result in further delays over the weekend.

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