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Ten Million Euros for Torrevieja’s streets


Sometimes there seems to be no end to the amount of money that is spent on improvements to the city of Torrevieja. With the main downtown area to be pronounced finished by the start of the Easter Processions, there was more good news regarding planned improvements to the city as this week the mayor of Torrevieja, Pedro Hernandez Mateo, announced that the City Council is to spend upwards of ten million euros on repaving and upgrading roads and pavements throughout the city and in La Mata, covering an area of 582,000 meters.

Torrevieja street repairs

Already many parts of the city are seeing the benefits of the plan, including the area around the new La Mata Town Hall. For the work scheduling, the city is to be divided into 8 zones, sorted by proximity and traffic management scheduling: Rocío del Mar y Punta Prima (510 square metres), Las Barcas-Los Altos (35.443 m.), La Mata (29.974 m.) Las Maravillas-Lo Albentosa (8.375 m.), Molino Blanco (2.807 m.) Torreblanca (29.100 m.), Lomas (7.135 m.) and Cabo Cervera (12.863 m.).

The plan also takes into consideration the resurfacing of many of the city’s roads, replacing damaged asphalt, filling potholes and refitting or replacement of all damaged or ill-fitting manhole covers, which shall now be made flush with the road surface. The areas that work will commence on are:
-Zona 1. Urbanizaciones Lago Jardín I, Lago Jardín II, Lago Sol y Los Balcones.
-Zona 4. Urbanizaciones La Hoya, S-11A, S-11B, San José (sector 10), Polígono Casagrande y S-12.
-Zona 6. Urbanizaciones Punta la Víbora, Torreta Florida, Torreta I, Torreta II, Torreta III, El Limonar, La Loma y Enclave 13.
-Zona 9. Casco Urbano Zona 2 PGOU, Urbanizaciones Becisa-Los Ángeles y Calas Blancas.
-Zona Centro. Casco Urbano 1 PGOU.

This campaign of road works throughout the municipality is part of Plan Confianza de la Generalitat Valenciana and accounts for an investment of more than 2,500,000 euros.

In addition, Hernandez Mateo announced that work would begin on the entire redevelopment of Nueva Torrevieja, including replacement of asphalt, sidewalks, curbs and new lights, is also included, amounting to an investment of almost 2 million.

Torrevieja street repairs

For those wondering what is going to be happening with the upheaval around the desalination plant, ACUAMED, the state company that is building it, will be investing more than six-million euros to restore the area around Barrio de San Roque, to include renewing all asphalt, sidewalks, curbs and lighting. In total, more than 10 million euros is to be spent over the next few months to change the face of many of the city streets and urbanizations for the better, which will improve the image of many areas of Torrevieja.