The number of people out of a job in Spain increased by 68,213 people in October bringing the total to 4,085,976, or 1.7 per cent more than in September according to the latest figures released today by the Ministry of Work and Immigration.

Compared to the same month in 2009, the number of unemployed increased by 277,623 people, or 7.3 per cent more.

Unemployment increased by 49,056 people (2.1%) in the services industry, 13,861 (11.8%) in agriculture, 2,438 (0.5%) in industry and 5,555 (1.6%) out of those that were previously unemployed. On a positive note, unemlpoyment figures decreased in the construction sector by 2,697 people (0.4%).

Suffering from the global economic crisis and the collapse of the Spanish property sector, Spain has an unemployment rate of around 20%.