Alboran SeaAround 9pm Saturday, a 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit the province of Almeria with many people feeling the termors in their homes, especially those living in high buildings.

The tremors, which had its epicenter in the Alboran Sea, did not cause any material damages, nor injuries.

Since last Monday, the land has not stopped shaking in various parts of the province. The most active epicenter is located at sea and has had its last quake at 21:21 last Saturday according to the National Geographic Institute. The earthquake reached a magnitude of 3.7 degrees, similar to last Monday.

The shock was preceded by smaller earthquakes of 2.4, 2.9 and 2.2 respectively. Since noticing the first of the tremors in the early hours of Sunday to Monday, the province of Almeria had recorded at least 100 earthquakes and aftershocks, many of which were felt throughout various locations in Almeria.

The busiest spot remains the Alboran Sea, although the towns of Albox and Tabernas have also been alerted by small earth movements recorded by the seismographs of National Geogrpahic Institute.