CigarettesAs the beaches get busy in the popular southern resort of Marbella, the government has begun distributing around 15,000 beach ashtrays to people on the beach as well as to workers who rent out sunbeds in an attempt to keep the beaches clean.

The initiative has ben supported by Nestlé and Relusur, meaning that the local government hasn’t had to dish out any cash for this summer campaign.

Antonio Espada, who represents the campaign has said “keeping our beaches clean is very necessary for a tourist town like ours”.

6,000 ashtrays will be distributed amongst the people on the beach and around 9,000 to the sunbed businesses which will take care of providing the ashtrays to the daily visitors.

The proactive measure also entails the safety and health of the younger ones which could end up playing with cigarette butts left on the beaches by smokers.

Image credits: cesarastudillo.