World Cup Spain Football Fans

People like to say that it is the “red effect” which has spread its roots down the Spanish streets, among millions of fans who are wearing shirts of the national soccer team. To add up to their love for the game, Spaniards these days are shouting and chanting “I am Spanish! Spanish! Spanish” joyfully.

At this time of the year, Spain’s flag means more than the historic war of the 1930’s, it is a matter of national pride for everyone now. And then again, the country’s constitutional court is trying to reflect unity. Whenever the Constitutional Court says: “our Constitution recognizes no nation but Spain, as a whole”, it means two things:

1 – We are all enthusiastically waiting to celebrate for the Team, after it wins the final match…

2 – Catalonia or no Catalonia, Spain is better off with these issues…

Millions of people are just scampering through the streets of Barcelona and Madrid, in support of their favorite team. Spanish flags are everywhere and in spite of the demonstration that the Catalans held Saturday, no one seems to care about it.

Deputy Leader of the Catalan Regional Government – Josep Llius Carod Rovira said that it is a ridiculous situation, we are going to end up with more Spanish flags being waved for Spain Vs Holland match on Sunday, than the Catalan flags on Saturday.

The Spanish team leader – Del Bosque said that Spain is a nation, it is not Barcelona, it is not Catalonia and it is not Real Madrid. The victory belongs to the whole country and to the Spanish soccer. Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0 in Sunday’s World Cup final.

Image credits: gnews.