Barcelona Football Club“What we need right now, is a financial aid to boost the amount of cash flow in our Club” – said FC Barcelona President – Sandro Rosell.

Reports have confirmed that Barcelona is negotiating a loan of 150 million Euros because the club failed to pay some of its players. Obviously the club is facing some heavy duty cash shortage and the Catalan Regional Radio already confirmed this rumor on Wednesday, through an exclusive interview with Sandro Rosell.

Rosell said that some players of the club have not been paid and we just found out that the club is facing immense load of financial debts and a negative cash flow. Although, the club hasn’t declared bankruptcy and Rosell has been assuring people that the crisis at hand is only short term.

David Villa – Famous Spanish Striker was signed by Barcelona on May 19, for 40 million Euros. Villa has 32 goals to his credit, during the last game season. Rosell informed the Catalan Regional Radio, about the ongoing negotiations with different groups of banks; and the monetary loan is expected to be endorsed soon.

As per the previous records, Barcelona used to make 120 million Euros on annual basis, mainly through different TV deals with Mediapro. – A prominent Shareholder in the Spanish TV Channel La Sexta. Apart from side deal with Mediapro, Barcelona Club also rakes in 30 to 35 million Euros through its long line of sports accessories.

If the financial injury to Barcelona is going to remain there for a long time, then the club will start losing its valued players. Already, we have seen the departure of Yaya Toure to Manchester City, only because he made up his mind to leave on July 2.