Corruption in SpainAccording to the National Police, 11 arrests were made today and 19 search operations were carried out in Valencia, Orihuela and Alicante. The police crackdown operations were carried in regards to recent corruption charges against Jose Joaquin Ripoll – President of the Diputación Provincial Govt. of Alicante.

Ripoll was accused of making secret backhand deals in exchange for a tender for rubbish collection. The president of Alicante Provincial Govt. was released after a thorough questioning that ended on Tuesday evening at 8PM.

In addition, three councilors from Orihuela who were accused of similar corruption charges were also detained by the investigating authorities. The police searched the homes and the offices of the 4 accused politicians’ altogether, in an attempt to secure any evidence that might aid authorities in reaching a decision.

The corruption case against Ripoll is related to an alleged payment of backhanders in exchange for the tender for rubbish collection. Fernando Candela – Ripoll’s lawyer was questioned by media about the clarification on this case. Candela explained that his client was released on Tuesday but he didn’t shed any light on the charges; whether any of them were still outstanding or not.

In regards to this corruption case, the PP mayor of Valencia – Rita Barbera called for “maximum prudence” in these times of tension and stress.

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