Preparations are being made by the Senate, for the approval of Catalan language, Galician and Basque in full.

The Senate has approved the amendments to a regulation that will result in the expansion of different regional languages and their usage across the country. For now, discussions are underway, to implement the House Budget in a way that doesn’t not cost a Euro more if these changes are implemented.

If consensus is going to remain among all groups – except the PP, then the commission is going to pass an opinion so that a final approval can be made in the parliament on 20 to 21 July 2010. Throughout a number of years of intent statements, a small group of senators reported a proposal to reform the regulation. Euskera, Catalan, Galician and Valencian are normally heard beyond the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities.

However, the nationalists are ambitiously making claims that suggest bringing the languages in the ordinary walks of the Upper House, including discussions with the ministers and the president.

The PSOE also submitted an amendment to a set of measures that will come into effect next year. These amendments are targeted towards the availability of money in the budget of the House to pay for translators If need be. However, the aim is to keep all costs at bay or at a minimum level.