CataloniaIn an attempt to condemn the Prime Minister on his unrealistic promises that he made to the Catalans, Esteban Gonzalez Pons – Assistant Secretary General of Communication of the Partido Popular, accused Zapatero of trying to “fool” the Catalans.

Furthermore, Gonzalez Pons criticized the Prime Minister in a press conference at the headquarters of the Valencia PP. In an article that was published in the Newspaper – La Vanguardia, Zapatero showed his satisfaction by saying that the statute has proceeded in its essential objectives.

Gonzalez reminded Zapatero that the Constitutional Court didn’t approve some articles of the statute, only because they didn’t have the appropriate content that was worthy of being considered as legal. The problem doesn’t lie in the articles, but it lies in the content those statute articles are filled with – the Constitutional Court declared some articles as “unconstitutional”.

Gonzalez also debated on the extension of the statute so that a longer and deeper discussion about the constitutionality of the statute will lead towards the solutions of real problems that the Catalans are facing. Therefore, in Gonzalez’ opinion, the politicians should “govern for people” instead of governing for institutions.