Madrid MetroSo far, there have been no reports on the results of meetings held between the unions and the Madrid metro company. Two meetings were held on Thursday and Friday for 3 hours, in an attempt to make both sides reach an agreement.

A minimum of 50% services was to be reinstated after the meetings with an addition of an offer for full services on Saturday and Sunday. The upcoming weekend will be the time when Madrid is going to be filled with over 2 million participants who will take part in the Gay Pride Parade.

However, on Monday the situation will come back to its old form when the union assembly will pass a vote whether to impose an indefinite stoppage, according to union members. Over the weekend, there will be a lot of time to discuss and reach a mutual agreement but the Metro management is not in the mood of sitting down for any more talks, until the union calls off the strike threat.

Meanwhile, the 5% wage cut that was underlined by the Regional Governent cannot be removed in any case. On the bright side, almost 1.3 million travelers are allowed to reclaim a refund on their season and holiday tickets.