BurqaThere are no Muslims in Tarrés.  Let alone, there are no Burqas on the streets – but still, the parish council is hell bent on debating whether to ban Burqas from different parts of the village.

The parish councilor – Daniel Rivera said that it is true that there are no Muslims or anyone clad in Islamic veils, on the streets of Tarrés but the ban is supposed to be a preventive measure for the near future.

During the month of May, a ban was approved against the female Islamic dress code in the provincial capital – Lleida. Women, found wearing Burqas in public will be let off with a warning, but a repetition of the same act will result in the imposition of a fine between €300 and €600.

The Burqa bans are being slapped from Barcelona to Tarragona, at lightning speed. “At this rate, we will end up with more bans than the number of Burqas being worn in public places” – said Celestino Corbacho – Minister of Labour and Immigration.

Almost 29,000 Muslim immigrants make up 21% of the total population of Lleida. On Nord Street, where Halal butchers have established business to serve the needs of Muslim clients, there was a tremendous dismay.

A butcher named – Abderrahim Boussira said that during the times of election, the Catalan political party members raise a ruckus against foreigners and the Muslims. “I have been here for more than 20 years, but I have never seen a single woman in a Burqa” – said Boussira.