Over the past 35 years, The Agudana, one of the largest slaughter houses in Lleida, has gone through heavy debts, change of management and even fires. But now, reports have confirmed that the Agudana slaughterhouse is lined up for a closure that will lead to the loss of 55 jobs.

The Cooperativa Copeman Meat Slaughterhouse, better known as Agudana, made the announcement after facing serious problems of accumulated debts and liquidity issues, all the more; the company was forced to close. Over 55 workers are going to be left on the streets because of the technical insolvency issues of the slaughterhouse.

Josep Antoni Simo’ – the company’s attorney said that slaughterhouse business is in need of over 3 million Euros on monthly basis, to function properly. And since, there have been no modes of investment by the bank or the investors, the activity has just ceased to stop.

The Agudana slaughter house was bought by a new administration in 2008 and at that time, an ERE report was submitted. It affected 61 workers with the aim of making attempts to cope with the debts left by the previous owners. To make matters worse, the current economic instability has made it easy for the historic slaughterhouse to close and Agudana Slaughterhouse is not the only company that has gone through this drastic change. There will be more layoffs and business closures in the future…