BurqaCatalonia’s parliament rejected the idea of imposing a ban against the wearing of Burqa: an Islamic veil that Muslim women wear to cover their entire face, except for the eyes.

Almost one week back, a resolution moved by the center right nationalists and the conservatives was passed, but members of the opposing parties suggested a revision because of the absentees at the moment of the voting process.

The session was suspended for time being and a re-vote was ordered to take place. In the end, the new results revealed a victory for the left wing opponents. Whereas, the right wing deputy – Rafael Lopez used an analogy for the Burqa that called it a “degrading prison” for Muslim women. He said that it was a question of moral values and giving “fair rights” to the women across Spain.

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The Burqa ban issue is also contributing as a key element for elections that are poised for the near future. Parties are just using this issue for their political advantages. As of now, Barcelona and 9 municipalities in Catalonia have banned the use of the Islamic veils in public; or they are considering the idea of implementing it through and through.

However, the Human Rights group; Amnesty International; called the Catalan deputies to reject the motion in favor of banning the Islamic clothing. John Dalhuisen – Amnesty International’s expert said: “Any sort of ban will just violate the rights to freedom of expression and the religious beliefs of those women who chose to wear the full face veil.”

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The “Justice” Minister – Francisco Caamano said that the government is planning to impose a ban on the usage of veils in public places under a new law that was proposed recently. Out of the 47 million Spanish population, 1 million people are Muslims and there is a wide portion of the Muslim community that lives in the Catalonian regions.

Image credits: hamed