Madrid Metro Strike

Massive crowds formed around different parts of Madrid and the streets were clogged with traffic, while the people sought means of alternative transport on the third day of strikes in the Metro transport system. As a result of an ongoing protest, all modes of transport have been stopped until further notification. Even the undergrounds services within the Spanish capital that connect the Madrid Airport to the city centre have ceased to function anymore.

No negations have been established yet, and the transport unions have refused to give any clear date, on which, the strike will be called off. It is expected that the strike will go on for an indefinite amount of time because workers are protesting against the wage cut policies that were aimed at reducing the towering Spanish deficit.

Alberto Ruiz Gallardo – The Madrid Mayor said that the unions are not living up to a binding agreement to provide at least 50 per cent service. Gallardo also pointed out that the people of Madrid have to deal with a lot these days and the trade unions have no right of doing what they are doing right now.

A similar series of protest took place in the Basque Country by the public sector workers on Tuesday. It all ended up with accounts of violent scuffles between the police and the picketers. In addition, a national general strike has been declared on Spt. 29th to raise voice against the current labor reforms in Spain.

(C) Photo credits: Roberto Garcia