Vicente Del Bosque put the blame on his team’s uneven performance during the World Cup campaign against Switzerland. However, the Spanish coach rounded up his blame game with a couple of praises aimed towards the level of resilience and physical health of the Spanish players.

Spain lost against Switzerland by 1-0, a defeat that raised the possibility of not advancing in the tournament. However, the recent victory against Chile, set Spain right back in its track towards the shiny trophy.

Del Bosque lamented his team’s performance by saying that the defeat against Switzerland didn’t help us in learning anything. Let alone, it only proved our team’s shortcomings and it was indeed a great shock for us.

Last Friday, Chile did go down but the Spanish team was given a hard time on the field. Del Bosque believes that the Spanish team is in a better shape and even though, Chile made Spaniards look physically weak during the match, it was nothing to be worried about.

Across the Spanish border, Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz and his team has been sharpening their blades against Spain. Queiroz shows no intention of giving any relaxation to the Spanish rivals and said that the Portuguese team has to think quickly and act quickly with a one millimeter edge over the Spanish footballers.