Thierry HenryThe departure of the Ivory Coast Midfielder – Yaya Toure and French international striker – Thierry Henry was confirmed on Monday. Club Director – Joan Olive followed the proceedings but left the final move to the players.

Unfortunately Henry lost his first team place due to poor performance that certainly didn’t go unnoticed. The French striker only scored 3 goals in 20 matches. Good for Toure, he was offered a cushy spot by the Manchester City.

Oliver said that they expected Henry to give a good performance but now his departure is being discussed. It is up to the 32-year old Henry to announce his departure in the near future and transform it into a “reality”. The striker is still in high hopes of finishing his career in the U.S. with New York Red Bulls.

As for the record, Henry joined Barcelona in 2007 after giving a tremendous performance in the years stretched between 1998 and 2000. Later on, he was considered as one of the top strikers at world level but he only played an average role in the country’s ongoing World Cup campaign.

Toure, on the other hand, is going to be remembered in good terms because of his spectacular performance against North Korea that summed up a 3-0 victory for his team.