The European Champion – Spain is legged up for a tooth grinding face off session against Portugal on Tuesday. Cape Town is going to be the proving platform for only one country, even though; both opponents have a deep passion for soccer and creative individual skills because of the rich cultural similarity.

This is going to be the biggest sporting event among the two neighboring nations and according to Carlos Queiroz – Portugal’s coach, it is going to be an “all or nothing” situation and we’re already prepared to give it our best shot on the field.

Due to the neighborhood factor, it is going to be an iron clad match because players from both sides know each other too well. As a matter of fact, 7 of the Portuguese have been playing in Spain’s La Liga, including Captain Cristiano Ronaldo. About 14 holdovers from both sides met 6 years ago in their last game against each other. Back in 2004, Portugal sent Spain with the bus fare through a clear 1-0 win.

“We’ve already suffered earlier but the hard days have strengthened us” – said Vicente Del Bosque – The Spanish team’s coach. The footballers previously sustained a blow by losing against the Swiss and on top of it, Spain’s Xabi Alonso suffered an injury in his right ankle.

Simao Sabrosa

Portugal’s winger: Simao Sabrosa expressed his annoyance against the recent comment that pointed towards the amount of relief expressed by the Spanish team on not meeting Brazil in the second round. “We are going to cause Spain as much difficulty as they’d have faced against the Brazilians in the first place… or maybe even more than that” – said Sabrosa.

Neither Spain, nor Portugal has been so impatient against an upcoming event throughout their history.