One year ago, Spain lost against Germany in the UEFA European Women’s Under 17 Championship. Germany took the lead by 7-0, however, this time Spain returned to Nyon’s Colovray to claim the Championship title. For the first time in the history of 3-year competition, Germany was defeated by the Irish team in the semi finals, by 1-0.

Meanwhile, Spain eliminated Netherlands from the UEFA tournament, only to last against Ireland later on. Spain spent the entire 100 minutes, pitched against Ireland in an effort to score a goal, but in vain. At last, a spot opened up, it was the first penalty kick and that’s all Spain needed to mark its name in the history.

Ireland on the other hand, couldn’t have done a better job against Spain despite of losing the championship title. It’s a fact that Ireland’s Under 17 Women Team never even qualified for the participation in UEFA before, but they all went on to the finals this time. The victory against Germany was the first of its kind because Ireland never defeated any competitor since 2007/08.

As for Spain, the nation’s hopes were shattered by Germany, but a balanced effort was still maintained. Spain evidently gained leverage through rigorous coaching sessions by none other than Jorge Vilda. Also the team had guidance from Ángel – Vilda’s father, who coached the team during its previous season.

Fans still have high expectations from Ireland and it is being hoped that the skilled footballers will manage to stay aloof in the next UEFA Championship series. Noel King – Manager / Coach of the Irish team said that it was a great day for the Irish women’s football and we can do better next time because we’ve already learned a lot.