Spanish officials have been blaming the San Juan partygoers for crossing the train tracks in an attempt to take a shortcut that ended up with the loss of 13 lives. Some people have been saying that the new underground exit wasn’t properly marked and on top of it, an old crossing was blocked off, hence the travelers were left confused.

Alaris ETR-490 train

It all happened when a crowd of young people was trying to make its way towards the beachside party at the beach resort of Castelldefels – south of Barcelona on the night of San Juan. Since it was already a jam packed situation at the underpass that lead to the beach, a group of 30 people tried to take a shortcut by climbing down from the platform to scurry across the tracks. They were all struck and mangled to pieces, by a train that was speeding through the station.

Jose Blanco – The Development Minister, has denied all accusations of a poorly marked underpass and said that the travelers were supposed to be aware of the high degree of risk involved in making attempts to cross the tracks.

Blanco added that the incident pointed out the negligence of those travelers and now it is being hoped that this tragic event will make people realize the importance of obeying train station rules.

However, Mr. Arrellano Ruiz – The Ecuadorian Consul in Barcelona emphasized that the signs for underpass exit were not completely visible. Hence, the unfortunate travelers mistakenly headed to an alternate overpass that had been shutdown since the last year’s renovation program.

The Catalonian region was overshadowed by a day of mourning and King Juan Carlos cancelled his annual celebration for Saint’s Day. Spain’s worst previous train accident occurred back in 2003 when 19 people died due to a massive collision between a passenger and a freight train in the southeastern town of Chinchilla.