The number of people who lost their lives in the recent train crash in North Eastern Spanish town of Castelldefels, was 13 not 12. Initially, the medical examiners reported the number of deaths as 12 that was later on announced by an official of the Catalan regional government on Thursday.

The fatal train accident occurred at 11:30 PM, Wednesday, when a large group of people, mostly youngsters and teenagers got off a train and were trying to make their way across the tracks to attend a beach part near the seaside station.

At the time of the incident, the initial casualty list included 14 names and 12 dead bodies but Montserrat Tura – head of the Regional Justice Department said that the remains of a 13 victim have been found recently. It was hard for medical examiners to identify the body because of the severe nature of the accident, and it took several days for them to match the remains.

Castelldefels’ San Juan beach party was being attended by hundreds of people, who were mostly immigrants from Latin America. According to Tura – a major number of victims included Ecuatorians. A full investigation of the accident is still pending and it will be carried out in the near future, as per the statement issued by Renfe’s Teofilo Serrano – The Head of Spanish Railway Company.

The hospital authorities have treated and released 4 people, while 10 others are still being taken care of. Three of the injured are in a serious condition – said the hospital spokesmen.