Jose Luis Rodriguez ZapateroWhile speaking in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero voiced his opinion by describing the 6-month period of the Spanish Presidency as something “useful” and “positive”.

The solid support of the EU partners was highlighted by Zapatero, as it is — necessary to the adoption of new measures to handle the financial crisis for both Spain and Europe. Zapatero said that it is quite rare for the European Council to remain so steadily determined towards clearing up uncertainties to make progress that is crucial to the recovery of financial sector.

Spain’s recent request for the publication of stress test results on the European credit entities was also agreed to, by the European Union. These results will be published in the second half of July and according to Mr. Zapatero, they’re important towards the restoration of calm in the markets.

The Spanish leader felt the importance and the good usability of the Spanish Government, since the last six months and said that the government tackled a lot of difficult circumstances and enjoyed the opportunity that let it play an important role at such a “decisive” time.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero reached the end of his speech by expressing his beliefs that the presidency had been working hard and well. He openly thanked the level of support that has been doted by the parliamentary groups, as an acknowledgment, which is crucial to the execution of “a true state policy”.