Renfe At least 12 people have died as a high-speed train smashed into them while they were trying to cross the railway tracks to get to the San Juan party on the beach. 14 others were injured, mostly youngsters.

The accident occured at 23:23 on Wednesday evening, just as the San Juan festival was getting underway, when a group of around 30 people decided to cross the train tracks instead of use the underground tunnel. At that precise moment, the high-speed train coming from Alicante direction Barcelona came through the station, colliding with the group. The accident is the second worst accident in Spain in the past 30 years.

The owner of a shop at the station said “it was brutal”. “It sounded as if stones were being crushed, but then I realized it was people.” Other witnesses described the scene as straight from “hell”. “Body parts everywhere and everything covered in blood,” said residents at the scene.

El Pais Photo Gallery of the tragic accident.

Various reports suggested the underpass was closed, while the Mayor of Castelldefels denied the rumours confirming the tunnel was open. It remains to be investigated if the underpass was collapsed due to the amounts of people.