Spain Burka Ban PoliticsThe Senate in Spain has given green light to a ban of the “burka” and “niqab” in public places, including on the street in a vote with 131 in favour, 129 against and no abstentions.

Point four of the adopted motion urges the Government to “use all options under our legal system and to proceed with rules to prohibit the public use of the ‘burqa’ and the ‘niqab’ to ensure equality, freedom and security. ”

The result of the vote was not as predicted. The PSOE had negotiated with all the groups except the PP an amendment to replace the motion of Senator Alicia Sánchez Camacho, and seemed to have the necessary support to overthrow the “PP” proposal.

The socialists had pushed for a need to “work with Muslim communities, promote education and respect between men and women and promote awareness raising of social groups to ensure respect for the dignity of woman. ” but not to ban the “burka” directly by law.

The “burka” politics throughout Spain

Catalan municipalities have led the veto on the burka in public buildings:

– Lleida. The first to pass a motion with votes from CiU, PSC and PP.

– El Vendrell (Tarragona). PSC, PP, ERC and the xenophobic platform for Catalunya.

– Tarragona. The PP started the veto, supported by CiU and PSC.

– Barcelona. Prohibits the integral veil by decree.

– Manresa. PSC, CiU, ERC, PP and Platform.

– L’Hospitalet. Voted yesterday PP, PSC and CiU.

– Coin (Malaga). Andalusia’s first municipality seeking regulation.

– Reus will approve it by decree, in Girona, the motion failed, and Terrassa wants a state regulation. Tàrrega, Cervera, Vic Cunit not yet voted.

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