Strikes Graffitti in SpainIssues about the existing economic crisis have been raised over the past one week in Spain. The civil servant protest hasn’t been given a lot of importance by members of parliament and despite the fact that thousands of laborers have threatened to go on a chain of strikes, no one from the government raised his/her eyebrows to show any concern.

Workers were expecting Gaspar Llamazares – the Deputy of the IU to pay attention to their pleas, but in vain. In addition, other notable names that turned a blind eye towards the labor strikes, including; PP Leader – Mariano Rajoy; The President – Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría – the popular group’s spokeswoman.

The popular group hasn’t taken up the issue which is still in question that was made to the 3rd VP – Manuel Chaves, the Labor Minister – Celestino Corbacho or the second VP and Economy Minister – Elena Salgado. Things are just getting worse and the government officials are only trying to make them look better by talking about teamwork and solidarity, while the common man still suffers.

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